How a dinning room went from soft to bold

The dining room is an integral part of a home. This is the place where family and friends gather together on special occasions to enjoy festive meals so why not to make it more bolder?

Here are some ideas you can apply to make it look bright, strong and eye-catching.

The shelf:

For this look to lend contrast and character to display, you can trade in simple white ceramics for an offbeat collection of smaller items, such as an enamelware jug and tinted stemware. White is always good to go color with any dark color.


A must have shelf.

The wall color: 

While keeping much of the furniture the same, dining room from light and cozy to dark and dreamy also adding bold hits of black, introduced through the chairs and wall color but you can keep the old chairs and emphasize more on the table decoration.

The table:

Simple additions like a striped tablecloth and trendy serving pieces give the faux bamboo dining table a fresh look. Try to match the crockery color with the wall or chairs to make a good impact. Always remember to put only stuff that is needed.

Love how the colors make such a huge difference.

The balance: 

A space enveloped in a dark moody hue runs the risk of looking too severe. So, you can always go for a good frame. A vintage photograph set in a gold frame giving fantastic look to dinning area.

Hope these little changes make your dinning area a new place!




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