How to plan perfect winter birthday party for the baby

Happy birthday to all those winter babies! Got the blues thinking about planning your little one’s birthday party during the dead of winter? Wishing you had a July baby and could throw a pool party instead? Well fear not, my friends! I’ve got a January baby, and I’m here to tell you that a winter birthday party for baby can be just as awesome as one in the summer with some simple and fun ideas!

It’s cold outside, so why not throw your child a winter wonderland party inside? You can make the party girly with a mix of pink and white snowflakes and snow-covered trees, but you could easily make this party for a boy by swapping the pink for shades of light blue and aqua. There is a list you can make before start planning birthday party.

  • Invitation Cards
  • Kids Menu
  • Wintry decoration materials
  • Colors according to baby girl or baby boy
  • Return gifts planning

I have written some of the important ones in this blog and you can also check external links at the bottom for more creativeness.



To set the tone of the party, you can also create the invitation card either handmade or on your computer and print it out but make sure you follow the winery theme.

Invitation Card

Hot cocoa bar and s’mores

 A great thing to add to your winter wonderland party is a hot cocoa bar. It is a smash hit at party, and the guests will love it. You can also create this Hot Cocoa Bar sign to display your bar and have gourmet marshmallows, peppermint spoons, caramels and tons of great fixings for a truly delicious chocolatey experience.



To follow the winter wonderland theme, complete the look with fake snow, bottlebrush trees, tea lights, faux snow globes and glittery snowflakes and the previous blog’s idea to make some




Links to surf for more idea:

Hosting A Winter Birthday Party Ideas

A Perfect Birthday

Themes For Winter Birthday Party



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