Kitchen design

Kitchen is the one where half of the stories begin so why not to make it look stylish! I did a great research on kitchen and come up with the ideas. I have included major things in this blog that can change your current kitchen design without spending a lot of money.

Kitchen island

Kitchen island makes your kitchen look smarter and helpful to put your cooked things, used as dinning table or some may install the kitchen sink in it. Go with the kitchen’s furniture color and put in the center of it. If you have one already you can also paint it at home and assemble the newel posts to enhance the look.

Island in the middle of the kitchen

Open shelving

Use the unused space and make it an open shelf there at home. Decorate the with your regular crockery and the same color will enhance the look more.

Open shelf

Dining table

Make dinning table color contrast to the kitchen one as gives rich stylish look to your kitchen. You can either paint the table or if your buying new then take the color thing into consideration. Read more  about how to decorate dinning area in my other blog.

Dinning table


DIY chalkboard

This DIY checkboard idea is pretty cool for the women to keep the grocery list updated and also you can write some important thing to do in near future.

A board for the essential things

Here I would like to give you and approximate budget you going to need for these changes.

 Design Elements  Expense
 Island  $50-100
 Shelf  $30-60
 Dinning table(changes in existing one)  $40-60
 Board  $10-20

I hope this blog helps you if you are planning to renovate your kitchen.




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